Outdoor Recreation Plan Survey

As we continue to wait and see what the pandemic means for our 2020 seasons, please take this opportunity to be involved in the process of evaluating our Mount Horeb park offerings.  Below is a link to complete an on-line survey to assist our community leaders in maintaining and improving our recreational offerings.

As those of you who have been involved in the softball program over the past 3 years know, access to softball fields is very limited within the community.  Although, we are fortunate to be able to have sole access to the two fields between the Middle School and the IC, these fields alone are not enough.  With nine youth teams, two all-Mount Horeb tournament teams, two high school teams, and Sting tournament teams completing for practice and game time, we are literally bursting at the seams.  In the last year some teams have had to move practices out of town due to competition for fields from not only within our program, but with the recreation department and youth baseball (who is also seeing a surge in participation).

The solution can come in several forms – new dedicated softball fields within the community and lighting at Field #1 (Varsity Field) allowing for the facility to used for double headers and later/additional practices.  The Softball Club has worked tirelessly to make substantial improvements at our current facilities, but in order to keep up with the current pace of growth we are going to need a whole community effort.


Storage Shed Electrical

Does COVID-19 have you in a dark place?  Never fear!!  The Mount Horeb Softball Club is leaving the light on for you!!!
A huge thank you to Dave Jones, Inc. for donating all the labor and materials for electrical upgrades at the softball fields.  They installed not only inside lighting, outlets, and exterior dusk to dawn lighting on our new storage shed, but also a wired light on the Varsity flag pole so our great flag can fly 24/7 once the season begins.  We are once again truly humbled by the generosity of our local business community.  The MHSC is eagerly looking forward to the next time our young ladies take the field, the crowd cheers, and the flag flies over our game!
flag pole pic


Undoubtedly our lives are all at least a little different than only a month ago because of the COVID-19 virus.  In an effort to continue open communications in these uncertain times, the Mount Horeb Softball Board and our Youth Coordinators would like to provide the following updates and information:

Calendar Raffle Fundraiser:
After much discussion by the Softball Board we have decided that we will NOT be completing our annual calendar raffle fundraiser this year.  For those who have already bought tickets we thank you for your generosity, but your money will be returned.  Our strong suggestion and hope is that people who had or would have bought ticket(s) this spring, please consider donating that money if you are financially able to a local need.  We are suggesting a couple options:

  1. Donate directly to a charitable cause in the community such as the Mount Horeb Food Pantry, the School Meal Program, or adding it as a tip to a local restaurant when you pick up a carryout.


  1. You can donate the money to the MHSC, and the Club will make a contribution to a deserving charity within the Mount Horeb Community on all our behalves.  (to be very clear, MHSC will not keep any of this money, 100% will be donated to those in need)

Whatever you decide, we encourage everyone to support as many local businesses as possible and specifically those companies that support us:  https://mohosoftballclub.com/oursponsors/

Apparel Order:
We have had a tremendous response to our spring apparel order.  We have extended the deadline to place orders until Tuesday, March 31st at noon to allow those who have had their schedules disrupted to still place an order if they choose.  If you placed an order and are now feeling a financial pinch, please reach out to one of the board members and we will work out a plan.  If you should have any questions please reach out to Marah at marahselegantbridal@gmail.com.   Please, also know that the prices listed in the store are at cost, the MHSC continually strives to provide the best value for our loyal families and hopes to encourage as many people as possible to dress with Softball Pride😊

The link to the apparel store is:   https://mhsoftball2020.itemorder.com/sale

Summer Youth Program:
As we all work to navigate this unprecedented situation, the MHSC Board and Youth Coordinators will not make any predictions or rash decisions on what our youth summer season will bring.  Please, be patient as we wait to see what our government, school, youth leagues, and surrounding communities decide in the coming months.  In the meantime, we encourage your youth to play in the yard, throw a ball, practice pitching drills, or simply exercise to stay in shape.  Please know that there is still work occurring in the background by our dedicated group of volunteers to ensure that if/when the season starts that we will be ready!

Certainly, if the season is cancelled refunds of registration and jersey monies will be made.  Regardless if the season should happen or not, if you should find yourself in a situation where your registration and jersey money is needed to help you weather this storm, please let any of the officers or youth coordinators know and your fee will be refunded without question.

Our thoughts go out to all those who are suffering physically, mentally or financially due to this pandemic.  We are but a very tiny part of what is going on right now around all of us, but rest assured our goal is to put teams on the field if at all possible.  We thank you for your support of the MHSC and hope and pray for good health for everyone!

2020 Youth Eval

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Holy Softball Batman!  Thanks to the 86 players that participated in the 2020 youth evaluation program last Sunday!  We are extremely excited about the great turnout and are remaining optimistic that the current events will not slow down our season!!  Thanks for coming out ladies and we look forward to the opportunity to get on the field!!

Go Mount Horeb Softball Nation!!

Important Info – Youth Softball Eval – Sunday, March 8th

Due to the number of participants at each age division, please note the following evaluation time slots for the Youth Softball Evaluation:

By Grade

  • 2nd & 3rd Graders:  4:15PM to 5:15PM
  • 4th & 5th Graders:  5:30PM to 6:30PM
  • 6th, 7th & 8th Graders:  6:45PM to 7:45PM

Please have your player to the High School Aux Gym 15 minutes prior to the start time to get signed-in, warmed-up and ready to go on time.  If the new time slot doesn’t work for your player, you can bring them to the previously scheduled time slot.


February Meeting

Hello Softball Families!!!
Youth clinics and evaluations are right around the corner and the high school season is about a month and a half away!!!  Excitement is building and we hope you can join us at our monthly club meeting on February 10, 2020, 7 PM at Culvers.  See you there!!

R&R Doors to the rescue!

A big thank you to R&R Doors for installing the overhead door on our new storage shed!  Their generous donation came just in time to beat the snowy weather!  Once again we are so fortunate to have so many amazing corporate sponsors!  Go Mount Horeb Softball Nation!!