Volunteering In Progress (VIP) Program:


The softball program in Mount Horeb has grown significantly over the past several years and we should all be proud of that fact! With this growth comes the challenges of managing all the moving pieces. To continue strengthening our program we are implementing a volunteer or pay program which we are calling, Volunteering In Progress or VIP for short. (This concept is certainly not new. Neighboring youth softball clubs such as Middleton and Verona, as well as the Mount Horeb Gridiron Club, run similar volunteer programs.)

Why Volunteer?

  • Allows you to meet other parents/families in the MH Softball Community
  • To create a fun and positive game day atmosphere for your daughter(s)
  • Participating in fundraisers to help keep player registration fees low
  • Utilize talents of our parents
  • Builds traditions and a strong foundation for our organization from year to year

How VIP Works

At registration each parent will be asked to pay the VIP program fee through TeamSnap. If you complete the required number of credits you will receive a refund, if not, we thank you for your donation and pledge to use the funds in a responsible manner.

The Details

  1. $100.00 for each player (maximum of $200.00 per family).
  2. Time Commitment: Each player’s family is being asked to complete four (4) credits of work per player (maximum of eight (8) credits per family). Credits are assigned based on the level of work required to complete a task.
  3. Opportunities: A few opportunities may include running the scoreboard, team coordinator/scheduler, staffing concession stands, clean-up/maintenance around the softball facilities, fundraising events, and Frolic parade float assistance.
  4. Sign-up & Check My Status: Once teams are organized, you will be able to sign-up and check your credit status through your TeamSnap login.
  5. Length of the VIP Program: The program will start once youth teams are formed and will run through the high school football season.
  6. Partial Credit: This is an all or nothing program. If you are unable to complete all credits for your family your check will be cashed.
  7. Successful Completion: Within two weeks after the program completion date, as noted above, if you have successfully completed your commitment, you will receive a refund.
  8. You can Opt-out of volunteering at the time of registration.  Once you opt-out you are ineligible to receive a refund.
  9. Hardship: If this program should create a hardship that will prevent your daughter from playing, please contact a MHSC Board member to discuss your concerns.