September Meeting

As the weather starts changing, things are continuing to slow down, but by no means stopping.   There are always opportunities to get involved and stay up to speed on our off-season activities.  We hope to see you at our next meeting on Monday, September 19, 7 PM.  The meeting will be held upstairs at the Walk-On Bar and Grill.  

September 30: Football Concession Stand / Sno-Cone / Cotton Candy Volunteer

The Mount Horeb Softball Club will be working the concession stand at the Homecoming football game on September 30th. We will also be selling sno-cones and cotton candy, and are looking for volunteers to help out.

Kids (over 13 years old if working in concession stand) and adults are welcome to sign up – and you can get in free to the game. Just tell the ticket taker you are working the concession stand. It’s really a no-brainer to sign up – Free meal, lots of fun, and helping out to raise money!

Click here to sign up!

August MHSC Meeting – Monday, August 22

As the summer season has winded down, we will once again get back on schedule for our softball club meetings.  There are a lot of great things to recap from the summer season and many things to discuss for the fall and moving forward.  We hope you can join us for our August meeting on Monday 8/22/22, 7PM at Culvers.  In addition to standard business items we will be discussing the inaugural youth tournament, the recent skill assessments, and exciting news about future field improvement projects. 

See below for the meeting agenda.

Hope to see you there!!

2022 Youth Season is in the books!

As we wrap up the 2022 youth summer season, we’d like to wish all the Coaches a huge thank you for all of their time and effort, and we hope all the players and families had a fun and competitive season! Great job by all!

2023 Youth Assessment Signup

Registration is open for the 2023 youth assessments!

Click here to register!

2023 Assessment Dates/Times:
Tuesday July 26th OR
Thursday July 28th

500p-550p   10U    (Born after Jan 1, 2012)
600p-650p   12U    (DOB between Jan 1, 2010-Dec 31,2011)
700p-750p   14U    (DOB Jan 1,2008 – Dec 31, 2009)

Location:  Varsity & JV Fields (between Middle School and IC on E. Garfield)

Here are many of the questions that were received last year, hope this is helpful:

Do I attend both nights?
Each player will attend ONE of the assessment dates listed.  

Who should attend the assessment?
Any player that has an interest in being added to a team for the 2023 season
and if you have interest in being a part of winter team workouts.

My daughter is not an “A” level player, but wants to play in 2023, should she attend?
If she has interest in being a part of winter workouts then YES, as this is a great opportunity to get extra practice before the season starts.  If she only has interest in joining a team in the spring of 2023, then she’ll be placed on a team that is formed in the spring of 2023.

How are teams created?
Teams are based on player skill level, not by grade.   Teams will be created in an A/B/C format with approx 10-11 players per team.

What will the assessment consist of?
Pitchers will pitch approx 15-20 pitches from full pitching distance for each age level to a catcher.
Every player will get 10-15 balls of live pitching to them in the cage. Every player will get ground balls from various infield positions and fly balls from various outfield positions and players will need to be able to show the ability to throw to all bases.

What if I can’t make either assessment date but still want to be considered for a 2023 team?
You will still be considered for a team, you will be assessed by the coaches on your 2022 team and placed into the overall rankings of all players that go through the 2023 assessment.  Due to the total number of players that we are assessing, there will NOT be any individual assessments outside of these two dates.  

How many teams are created for 2023 at each level?
We will make as many teams at each level as possible “if” we have coaches for each team that will commit to coaching over the winter and through the 2023 season.   At the 2022 assessment at the end of last summer we were able to finalize six youth teams, two teams at age level.   We will do our best as a softball club to place as many players on rosters as we can, however it is possible that your daughter will not be placed on a team until after the 2023 spring assessment.

How are players assessed?
Three independent evaluators will assess pitching, hitting and defense and rate each player’s overall skill levels.   Also, each 2022 player will be assessed by their current coach which will be used in the players overall ranking.

When will I find out what 2023 roster my daughter is on?
September 1st

When will my daughter start practicing with their new 2023 team?
Anytime after November 1st

2022 High School Season Year-End Banquet