Fall Ball ~ Week 4

Week four games will be at the Poynette High School (108 Cleveland Street) on Sunday, October 2nd.  Fields are located South of the High School building.  We will be playing Poynette Orange first, then Poynette Black. It looks like about a 55 minute drive.

Players should be at the field by ~8:00 AM, with shoes on and ready to warm up by 8:15 AM at the latest. The first game starts at 9 AM.

If you are unable to make a game please text Coach Jeramie (608-516-9189) by Friday of each week so he can adjust the line-ups for the games. It is very difficult to adjust line-ups on the fly the morning of the games. Please, respect Jeramie’s time and notify him if you cannot make it – thank you.

See you Sunday. Parents, please bring cameras so we can add pictures to the new website (www.mohosoftballclub.com).

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