Fall Ball ~ Week 6

The last games are here already! The season has gone fast. Week six’s games will be in Sauk City again this Sunday, but playing different teams than last time. The first game will be against Madison Memorial and the second against Madison East.

We will be playing at the Sauk Prairie High School fields located near the intersection of Sycamore and Oak Street.

Please be at the field by ~8:00 AM, with shoes on and ready to warm up shortly after. The first game starts at 9 AM.

A couple housekeeping items:

  1. If you are unable to make the game please text Coach Jeramie (608.516.9189) by Friday of each week so he can adjust the line-ups for the games.
  2.  Looks like most players are not wearing our “fancy” jerseys, which is no problem, so please bring them to the game and return them to Kurt before the first game (always chaos after second game). They could come in handy some day and they were free so worth hanging onto.

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