Softball Club Officer Announcement

Thank you to those who braved the cold to attend our annual meeting last week.  As part of this meeting we elected three members to officer roles.  This year Eric Swiggum has been re-elected to the Vice President role.  Doug Fischer is our new treasurer and Jeff Mester has stepped into the Advisor #2 position.  We thank Eric for his continued involvement at all levels and welcome our two new officers.  We look forward to working with them to continue to build the softball program.  We would also like to thank Holly Kellesvig for her outstanding work as the outgoing club treasurer.  She is stepping off the board after completing her two-term limit in this role.  Holly is a founding member of our club as well as a generous corporate sponsor.  Also, a big thank you to Barry Larson, who is stepping back from the board to allow him to focus more time on his critical Youth Coordinator role within the Club.  If you have or had a daughter in the youth program in the last several years you know the amount of time Barry puts in to making everything run smoothly.  Thanks to all of you for your past and future contributions!!!

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