2022 Tryout Questions & Additional Softball Roles

It’s great to see so much interest in the 2022 softball season! A few questions have been repeatedly asked so hope this helps everyone with their decisions.

  1. Tryouts are at the HS softball fields
  2. If your daughter is age eligible to play two different levels then I would recommend trying out for the higher level. We can always move her down based on her skill level from the evaluations if she doesn’t make the higher level team.
  3. Last year we started with “one tournament team” per level, now in year two we are trying to provide more “team practice” options to more girls in the program to continue progressing the overall development of our program. So if your daughter has interest in playing in 2022 I would highly recommend that they register for the tryout now. It provides a better option for your daughter to be able to practice over the winter/spring before next season. We are not just taking the top 10 girls at each level like we did last year. Example – If there are 30 girls that tryout at the U12 level, then we’ll finalize “A” “B” and “C” teams for 2022 now….IF coaches will accept their roles and responsibilities with coaching their team over the winter and into 2022 spring/summer etc. IF no coach is willing to step forward then the team is not formed now.

Lastly, due to the increase in numbers of potential teams this winter and the overall increase in the number of players in the program the softball club is looking for additional people to assist with all the various duties and responsibilities. If you are interested please let us know!

Jeff Mester

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