Varsity Field Improvements


A HUGE thank you to Jim Ramos from American Fence for finding time between the rain showers to install a new section of backstop fencing at the Varsity field. The section of fencing they replaced was bowed out from balls hitting it through the years, therefore Jim’s crew added reinforcing pipes to keep things in shape for a long time to come. The old fencing was not only a safety concern, but an eye sore up against the great looking concrete work that Derek Dahlk of Finks Paving, Excavating, and Concrete completed at the end of 2017 combined with the electrical material donations by Crescent Electric. These projects, plus our new bleachers, finish off three years of hard work and fundraising for this area of the Varsity field.  Thanks to great sponsors like these for their dedication to Mount Horeb Softball!

Shown above installing fencing are Mike, Pat, and Mike – Thanks for your hard work!

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