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Varsity Field Improvements


A HUGE thank you to Jim Ramos from American Fence for finding time between the rain showers to install a new section of backstop fencing at the Varsity field. The section of fencing they replaced was bowed out from balls hitting it through the years, therefore Jim’s crew added reinforcing pipes to keep things in shape for a long time to come. The old fencing was not only a safety concern, but an eye sore up against the great looking concrete work that Derek Dahlk of Finks Paving, Excavating, and Concrete completed at the end of 2017 combined with the electrical material donations by Crescent Electric. These projects, plus our new bleachers, finish off three years of hard work and fundraising for this area of the Varsity field.  Thanks to great sponsors like these for their dedication to Mount Horeb Softball!

Shown above installing fencing are Mike, Pat, and Mike – Thanks for your hard work!

Winter Hitting Clinic

The Mount Horeb Softball Club, along with our new Varsity Coach, Jeramie Holman, have asked Andie Varsho, UW Platteville’s Head Softball Coach to offer a Winter Hitting Clinic over the break on Saturday, December 29th.

There will be two 90-minute sessions by grade level, and the cost is $25/player.  The maximum number of players per session is 14, and the registration deadline is December 22nd. The clinic will be held in the Mount Horeb High School Aux Gym.

– Grades 6th through 8th: 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
– Grades 9th through 12th: 10:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.


Please contact Eric Swiggum at, or Kate Kraemer at with any questions.

Varsity Field Improvement

drain tile 2drain tile 1Thanks to a cooperative effort between the Mount Horeb School District and the Mount Horeb Softball Club, a new drain tile was installed along the first base line of the varsity field.  This improvement will help with wet conditions that the high school and youth teams have been struggling with in this area of the field.

A big thank you to Derek Dahlk, Finks Paving and Excavating, Ryan Clifton, and Wes Parks for their hard work!!!  Don’t see anything different in the picture?  That’s because these guys do such good work!!! (…and the photographer may have been a little tardy with snapping pictures 🙂 – trust us – it’s in there!

2018 End of Season Banquet

Here are a few photos from the 2018 banquet. Congrats to the Varsity Team on a great season!  Best of luck to our graduated seniors ~ Paige Ramos, Ellie Kellesvig, Maggie Fassbender, and Sam Adler.  Congrats to our team captains for next season ~ Jadyn Holman, Ashley Lange, and Maddie Kraemer!  Also, thanks to the coaches and parents for all of your time and hard work this season.

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