Outdoor Recreation Plan Survey

As we continue to wait and see what the pandemic means for our 2020 seasons, please take this opportunity to be involved in the process of evaluating our Mount Horeb park offerings.  Below is a link to complete an on-line survey to assist our community leaders in maintaining and improving our recreational offerings.

As those of you who have been involved in the softball program over the past 3 years know, access to softball fields is very limited within the community.  Although, we are fortunate to be able to have sole access to the two fields between the Middle School and the IC, these fields alone are not enough.  With nine youth teams, two all-Mount Horeb tournament teams, two high school teams, and Sting tournament teams completing for practice and game time, we are literally bursting at the seams.  In the last year some teams have had to move practices out of town due to competition for fields from not only within our program, but with the recreation department and youth baseball (who is also seeing a surge in participation).

The solution can come in several forms – new dedicated softball fields within the community and lighting at Field #1 (Varsity Field) allowing for the facility to used for double headers and later/additional practices.  The Softball Club has worked tirelessly to make substantial improvements at our current facilities, but in order to keep up with the current pace of growth we are going to need a whole community effort.


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