Hello Softball Families,

The Softball Club is once again looking to hold an official vote to determine the next step in the future of the youth summer softball season.  Now that we have moved into Phase 2 with optimism for Phase 3 coming in early July, we need to determine the interest to play games as part of Phase 3.

MEETING DATE:  Thursday, June 25


LOCATION:  Zoom Meeting (web address directly below)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 766 7724 2327

Password: 2HWjDm

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Voting will occur via the CHAT feature at the bottom of the Zoom window, so if possible, please login using a computer.  If you need to access the meeting on your phone and the CHAT option is not available, we will allow email voting as long as you verbally state this during the call.  E-mail voting will be completed privately to one of the Board members as designated on the call.

You must be present on the Zoom Meeting in order to be eligible to vote.

This special meeting will be held for the specific purpose of discussing and voting on two items:

  1. Shall all Mount Horeb Softball Club youth teams be allowed to play in games within Dane County if permitted under the Forward Dane plan?
  2. Shall all Mount Horeb Softball Club youth teams (with exception of tournament teams, as they are already approved) be allowed to play in games outside of Dane County if games are permitted under the Forward Dane plan?

 These will be the only topics discussed.  If you should have other questions or concerns on non-related topics, please contact Kurt by phone or email as listed at the bottom of this email.

A reminder to all receiving this invite, only those individuals who have paid their membership dues and who are in good-standing with the Club per our bylaws will be allowed to vote (https://mohosoftballclub.com/membership/).  Our post office box will be checked at 4PM on the day of the meeting for payments.  You may also make arrangements with Kurt (kurtadler1@gmail.com) to drop payments off at my house directly.  If your membership payment is received after this date/time you will not be able to vote on these topics but will certainly be able to vote on upcoming decisions.

If it is decided to move forward with games, the Club Board Members in combination with the Youth Coordinators will establish game guidelines for all players, coaches, and parents to follow.  This group will gladly accept input from parents on these topics but final decisions on specific rules/guidelines will fall with the Board and Youth Coordinators.

We are looking for and expecting a polite and meaningful discussion on these topics  – the same as the last meeting.  As stated previously, regardless of where you fall on this topic, we ask that you refrain from commenting to the coaches and suggest you avoid discussing your concerns in front of your players as we want them focused on practicing/games and not politics.  If you would like to have a conversation about what is or will be occurring, please contact one of Board members directly and your comments will be taken under consideration.  (https://mohosoftballclub.com/board-members/)

Just as the rules, suggestions, and plans provided by our governmental bodies and advisory boards have been fluid, so likely will be the Club’s approach as things move forward.  Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times.


The Mount Horeb Softball Club Board

Kurt Adler



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